Weekly Modules

Week 1: Setting up your Aquarium
Learn the fundamentals of setting up an aquarium - location, equipment and etiquette.
Week 2: Water Testing and Plants
Learn why it is important to test your aquarium's water and add plants to the aquarium.
Week 3: Adding fish and feeding them
Learn how to correctly add fish to your aquarium using a step-by-step process and what the benefits are having plants in the aquarium. Learn how to feed fish the correct without upsetting the balance of the aquarium - completing water tests.
Week 4: Cleaning the Filter and Holiday Care
Learn how to maintain your aquarium's cleanliness by correctly cleaning this filter, why the filter are so useful and what to do when you go on holiday.
Week 5: Water Change
Understand the importance of keeping the aquarium's water healthy, which includes changing the water alongside maintaining the filter.
Week 6: Algae and how fish breathe
Learn about the natural processes of algae in the aquarium and how the good and bad types of algae can affect the aquarium. Also find out how fish breathe underwater.
Week 7: Good Food and Digestion
Learn about different types of fish food available and how fish digest food.
Week 8: How do fish breed and what have we learnt?
Learn about how fish breed and rear their babies. Re-cap the steps we have taken in the last few weeks, to set up and care for our aquarium.

Trouble Shooting, Help and Advice

Top Tips from Tappers to help you resolve some common problems

The Fish Glossary

A comprehensive A-Z to for if you are in doubt about any of the fishy terms used in fishkeeping in general or on the website specifically, this useful A-Z reference should help shed some light on their meaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about any aspect of fishkeeping you want answered quickly, one of our customers may already have asked it so its definitely worth a browse.

Freshwater Fish Databank

Here you will find an enormous selection of freshwater fish from tropical, temperate and coldwater regions, species are native to the rivers, lakes and in some cases, aquaria of the world. A great resource for extension activities such as getting your class to draw and fact find about freshwater fish for their project.

Marine Fish Databank

Here you will find lots of fish from the oceans, many of which are suitable for home aquaria. This is where you’ll find Nemo... Again, a great place to find beautiful fish to draw and colour and to find out interesting facts about lots of different marine species around the world.

You should also be able to find additional ideas and inspiration for extension activities on our Facebook and Instagram channels:

Fishkeeper Fry Facebook

Fishkeeper Fry Instagram

Fascinating Fish Facts

Find out lots of fun facts about the fish you will be adding to your aquarium.

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