Classic Ornament - Helicopter


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Classic Ornament - Helicopter
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Contrary to popular belief fish do not have short memories and are actual quite clever and capable of learning and remembering routines. That being said environmental enrichment is very important for your fish to give them an enjoyable place to live. To do this you need to provide a suitable sized tank. Suitable substrate. Great water and water filtration as well as décor that they can enjoy. This can include caves, dens, bridges, foliage and more, it can make your tank look beautiful and provide valuable places for your fish to hide, rest and play. Ensure you choose items that are suitable for your fish and your set up. Be mindful not to overfill your tank. 

Classic Aquatics Helicopter crash is a great ornament to add much needed hideaways and swim throughs. This ornament has lots of small swim through gaps.

Dimensions: 225mm x 140mm x 130mm 

Our products are not suitable for use in Marine (Saltwater) Aquariums.

  • Suitable for Tropical and Coldwater Freshwater Aquariums 
  • Not suitable for Marine Aquariums
  • Highly detailed hand painted ornament