JBL ProPond Sterlet M

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JBL ProPond Sterlet M
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JBL ProPond Sterlet M

JBL ProPond Sterlet M

Sturgeons are very special fish. Their body shape indicates their way of life: They swim near the ground and use their barbels to sense for small invertebrates. JBL ProPond Sterlet has been adapted to suit these eating habits, both in its composition (with increased invertebrate content) and in its sinking behaviour. Even if sturgeons can learn to feed at the water surface, this feeding behaviour doesn’t represent their natural behaviour and harbours the risk of excessive ingestion of air, which can lead to health problems.

Although these fish may often take the pellets intended for other pond inhabitants, like koi and goldfish; Sturgeons should always be fed with their own food because it is specifically developed for their dietary requirements. Often if they have to eat the floating pellets supplied to other fish the sturgeons can hurt the mucous membranes of the other fish with their bone plates when fighting for their food. In practice you can feed your goldfish and koi on the surface at a corner of the pond and your sturgeons with sinking sturgeon food at the other corner.

Wheatgerm, Salmon Meal, Wheat Meal, Shrimp Meal, Octopus Meal, Wheat Gluten, Gammarus, Spirulina, Rice Meal, Guar Gum, Green Meal, Vitamins and Minerals

Analytical Constituents:
Protein 40%, Ash 8%, Oils and Fats 12%, Fibre 2%

  • Complete food with perfect protein/fat ratio 3:1
  • Contains salmon, shrimp, octopus, spirulina and gammarus for a natural diet for sterlets
  • Sinking pearls with high protein content (40%)
  • Small food pearls in resealable bag (air, water and lightproof) for the preservation of quality
  • Food size M (6 mm) for fish from 30-60 cm
  • Available in 0.5kg and 1.5kg

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