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About Microbe Lift

Microbe Lift have multiple products to benefit your aquarium and and improve the health of your fish along with products that massively promote the plant life in aquariums.

Microbe Lift's best selling product is special blend, a substance that cleans and purifies the water it's added to. Special blend is made up of the same bacteria that Microbe Lift use when they clean lakes and rivers. The primary benefit to the Microbe Lift brand that sets it a side from most other brands on the market is that the bacteria used react with sunlight, allowing the bacteria to break down waste in aquariums quicker than other brands. Whilst carrying this out, the bacteria also remove nitrate from your aquarium: removing nitrate will not only benefit the fish but it cuts down on cleaning time as well.

Microbe Lift also offer a wide range marine products such as All In One Marine, which has been created to simplify maintaining reef environments. It has a strategically balanced ratio of the following 6 reef products: Chelated Iron, Essential Minerals & Trace Elements, Vitamins & Amino Acids, Calcium Concentrate, Iodide & Bromide, Strontium & Molybdenum.

Whatever type of aquarium you keep, the Microbe Lift products will make maintenance easier and provide multiple benefits for the the health of your fish. If you haven't already watch the videos above or visit the product pages for further information.


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