Seasonal Tips

Make sure your fishkeeping efforts are focused on what's most important for your fish whatever the season with our top tips for every month of the year for indoor and outdoor fishkeeping.

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  1. Seasonal Tips - July
    Seasonal Tips - July
    ​High summer is here and in many gardens the pond is the most verdant part. That’s what makes them such a great place to sit and enjoy a cold drink but this has to be earned by keeping on top of the usual seasonal tasks.
  2. Seasonal Tips - June
    Seasonal Tips - June
    No matter how slow the spring seems, this time of year never fails to deliver the promises of early summer. Looking at the verdant growth of poolside plants there’s no escaping the fact that summer’s here.
  3. Seasonal Tips - May
    Seasonal Tips - May

    Bank holidays have been a rollercoaster of high and low temperatures and we’ve had a good amount of rain. It can only mean one thing – spring is here!

  4. Topical Tips- May 2019

    Bank holidays have been a rollercoaster of high and low temperatures and we’ve had a good amount of rain. I

  5. Topical Tips- April 2019


    • As the water warms and fish start to look for food, clean
  6. Seasonal Tips - December
    Seasonal Tips - December
    ​So, here we are again – the robins are briefed and ready, the mistletoe is looking nervous and the stores are bracing themselves to explain to last minute gift shoppers that fish can’t be gifted in a brand new aquarium purchased the previous day
  7. Seasonal Tips - November
    Seasonal Tips - November
    It’s time for the gentle march towards the cold season to begin and with it a busy time for the water gardener. Indoors, it’s always tropical.
  8. Seasonal Tips - October
    Seasonal Tips - October
    So, it’s the time of year when nature shrugs off her summer splendour to take on the glorious glowing tints of autumn. For less romantically-inclined water gardeners it’s leaf time!
  9. Seasonal Tips - September
    Seasonal Tips - September

    After the heat of summer, September is the point where pond keepers need to start planning for what’s to come.

  10. Seasonal Tips – August
    Seasonal Tips – August

    This summer has been a record-breaker and continues to provide tropical temperatures, no matter how ‘cold water’ your fishes may be.

  11. What’s In Store This Month?
    What’s In Store This Month?
    Check out our highlights for what's in store this month.