We are thrilled to announce that the Fishkeeper Fry School of the Year 2023 winner is Broom Leys Primary School.

Figure 1: Katie, Betsy, Eva, Hayden, Evie and Elliot were all Fishkeepers of the Week for week 8 of the programme

We had lots of great pictures and work sent to us during the programme by all schools. We had 81 schools in total take part this year along with 52 of our stores. Stores worked with side the schools to provide the fish and any help needed. Well done to everyone who took part – students and teachers – and we hope the programme inspired a lifelong passion for keeping fish for some of you.

Figure 2: The pupils at Broom Leys learnt how to clean the aquarium filter

It’s a tough job for us to select one school, but we could only have one winner, and this year it was Broom Leys. We received an update every week from them telling us about what they had been up to. There were also quite a few fishkeepers of the week who had done some excellent fishkeeping. Plus, we received a fish related joke from them every week as well!

Figure 3: Clemency and Katie wrote letters to the fish to welcome them to their new home

Tappers and I took a trip to Leicester to award the Fish Club their medals and trophy on May 16th. Each pupil who took part in looking after the fish received their own medal. We then presented the enthusiastic year 3 teacher, Mr Shooter-Dodd with the trophy.

Figure 4: Mr Shooter-Dodd and a pupil adding their new fish to the aquarium

The year 3 pupils had lots of fantastic questions for Tappers. They asked about the first ever fish that existed, we had questions about how fry come about, and Tappers was asked all about how he got into fish keeping.

Figure 5: One of the pupils with their worksheets and Tappers in the background

Broom Leys still have their fish tank in the classroom, bustling with life. They have even welcomed some of their own fry. Above their fish tank was a display with all the great names for the fish including Dotty, Huggy, Gary Potter, Pumpkin and Jimmy.

Figure 6: The Fish Club display

We really enjoyed paying a visit to Broom Leys Primary School. The enthusiasm from the pupils and teachers certainly showed that they certainly deserved to be School of the Year 2023.

Figure 7: Fish Club pupils with their Diploma’s of Fishkeeping

Check out the video of our visit to the school here:


If your school would like to take part in Fishkeeper Fry 2024, visit our Fishkeeper Fry page to find out how. You can also find further details of the programme and check out the work other schools have completed.