What is Fishkeeper Fry?

Fishkeeper Fry 2020 is a completely FREE of charge, fun and engaging video-led educational programme that has been designed specifically for primary school children, aged 7-8 years by a team of aquatic experts at Maidenhead Aquatics to teach children about the science and art of keeping fish.

Now in its 4th year, this short 8-week programme is designed to be delivered in the classroom, by the schools' own teachers. It uses a series of weekly online instructional films, engaging worksheets and added-value films, which provide step-by-step lessons about how to set up an aquarium, add fish and look after those fish day-to-day. The resources have all developed to support the National Curriculum and to get children excited about keeping fish and understanding how to look after and care for them responsibly.

Participating schools will be provided with their very own, free aquarium and all the associated equipment that is used in the programme, to enable them to follow along with the films and set up and care for their own aquarium in the classroom – all with the support of the expert fishkeepers based at a Maidenhead Aquatics store near to your school.

We even provide a selection of fish for them to enjoy so that the children see in real life the science of fishkeeping using the mini eco-system they create: from water chemistry, to how fish eat and the nitrogen cycle.

Check out the 'How does it work?' and 'Fry FAQ's' section below, to find out more what you can expect for your school and what level of commitment is required to take part. Full terms and conditions for the programme can be found here.

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How does it work?
Take a look at our short video and find out how easy it is to sign up and take part in our next programme.
Fry FAQ's
Still have a burning question about Fishkeeper Fry? Check out the questions we have had about the programme in previous years here.
Previous Years
Take a look at previous Fishkeeper Fry programmes in action and some of the feedback from our fabulous Year 3 teachers and prepare to be inspired!

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  1. Throughout Fishkeeper Fry you would have seen your aquarium grow. From welcoming new life, in forms of your new pets, to caring for the plants. As well as watching and caring for your new aquarium, lessons of life cycles can be taught through life experience. 
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  2. The team at Fishkeeper Fry has worked with educational professionals to ensure that we are accessing core themes from the national curriculum. From this, we cover a range of subjects. While we love seeing how our students have set about the tasks we set them, seeing teachers and classes go beyond to create additional learning activities to engage student learning is also something special.

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  3. 'I have enjoyed learning about how to keep your aquarium SAFE  and free from chemicals that can harm fish.' - Susie, Fishkeeper Fry Student

#watertesting #fishkeeping #science #aquacare
  4. As we reach the middle of the programme, all schools are asked to think about what they would like to do with their aquarium when the programme is over. Schools have the option to keep the aquarium in class,  return it to their allocated store or allow a student/teacher to purchase the aquarium. 
All options are displayed and explained in our latest communication. 
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  5. As not all of our schools have completed week 5 yet, we have no weekly winners, not to worry for those of you who have completed week 4 your entries have been recieved. 
Over the course of the programme we have seen some incredible fishkeepers!

#fishkeepers #fishkeeping #fishkeeper #year3 #students
  6. Week 4 Tank Winner 
Well done to St Sidwell's who have been award our Tank of the Week winner for week 4. The students at St Sidwell's have used Fishkeeper Fry to extend their learning outside of class, with some students even involving their younger siblings to learn about fish. 
#tropicaltank #tropical #fishkeeping #fishkeepers #tank #fluvalflex
  7. Week 4 Worksheet Winner 🎊

Well done to Mabel Pritchard School, who have been awarded our worksheet of the week for week 4. The students at Mabel Pritchard have ensured that completing their worksheets a staple of their weekly sessions.

#education #learning #fishkeepers #year3 #science #educationalresources
  8. Week 4 Fishkeeper of the Week Winner 🎉

Well done to Croxton Kerrial for being chosen as our Fishkeeper of the Week Winner for Week 4. Croxton Kerrial this week was visited by a local marine and freshwater biologist, who spoke to the children about fish. 
#fishkeepers #tropicalfishkeepers #youngfishkeepers #education
  9. With most of our schools being on half term this week, last week our student learnt about holiday care and how to care for their aquariums and fish over the break. 
Holiday care is something that is regularly exercised by all fishkeepers, this is why we actively decided to make is part of our lessons and a part of the programme. 
For our students not on half term this week, we hope you enjoy week 5!

#fishkeepers #fishkeeping #tropicaltank #educating #education #youngfishkeepers
  10. Fishkeeper Fry works alongside the national curriculum to enhance the student learning experience. Over the years we have worked with teachers to ensure that we deliver a programme that all students can gain the most out of. 
Alongside the video lessons, we ask students to complete work that supports cross-curriculum activities of English, maths and science. 
#year3 #science #schoollearning #fishkeeping #nationalcurriculm #youngfishkeeers
  11. It isn't just schools taking part in Fishkeeper Fry 2020. 
@fishkeeperinverness  is following the programme in store. 
Fishkeeping Inverness is also supporting multiple stores in this years programme. If you are interested in the items that are used in the programme speak to your allocated store about how you can take the set up home.

#tropicaltank #fishkeeping #fishkeepers #fluvalflex
  12. Congratulations to our Week 3 Winner for Worksheet of the Week. 
Tasks during Fishkeeper Fry are set to inspire children with regards to their learning. Sharing how your students get on will ensure we can keep providing national curriculum activities for all students.

#scienceproject #worksheet #students #fishkeeping
  13. Congratulations to our Week 3 Winners for Tank of the Week: Auldhouse Primary.
Please continue to share your aquariums with us as they grow and develop into classroom underwater wonderlands.

#tropicaltank #fishkkepers #winners #fluvalflex
  14. Congratulations to our Week 3 Winner for  Fishkeeper of the Week. 
Our winners will receive a £25 gift card to spend in one of our stores. For your chance to be our Week 4 winner, ensure you have submitted your images before Sunday evening. 
#winners #youngfishkeepers #scienceprogramme #edcation #fishkeeping
  15. Water chemistry is a vital part of Fishkeeping, no matter your experience. 
Regular testing to ensure that your water is safe for your fish is something that is backed by the ethos of Maidenhead Aquatics. 
Each week when recording your water chemistry, should you notice any issues please contact your allocated store. 
#youngfishkeepers #aquariums #waterchemistry #fishkeepers
  16. Fishkeeper Fry works alongside the national curriculum to ensure that we can enhance student learning. We ensure that we offer cross-curricular activities. 
We often ask teachers to share what they have done with their students to offer a wider variety of activites. 
#schoolproject #scienceprogramme #educational #fishkeeping
  17. 'Our aquarium looks really pretty, the plants and the lights – that change colour look great in our classroom.' - Elodie a Fishkeeper Fry Student
  18. Have your class excelled in Fishkeeper Fry? Are you finding it hard to each week pick a winning Fishkeeper of the Week? 
Fishkeeping is a skill and hobby that can last a lifetime. We hope that we can inspire a generation of Fishkeepers to a lifetime hobby. 🐟

#fishkeeping #fishkeepers #scienceproject #hobbiest
  19. Tank of the Week🏆

Beech Grove has been chosen as our winner for Tank of the Week for Week 2. 
Well done to all involved.

#winner #tank #tropicaltank #fishkeeping #fishkeepers
  20. Worksheet of the Week!

Seeing all of our students complete and enhance their learning via the tasks ensures that we are creating a programme that is beneficial to our students. This week's worksheet winner is from Healey Junior, Infant & Nursery School.  Having been inspired by their lessons, students went home to create their underwater wonderland. 
#homework #science #schoolprogramme #year3 #underwater

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