AquaCare – The brand that just keeps getting bigger

Our exclusive AquaCare brand is increasing in size, once again – this time expanding with four new marine treatments.

Marine Anti-Bacterial


AquaCare's Marine Anti-Bacterial treats bacterial infections in marine aquariums such as fin, tail and mouth rot. Useful for treating Cryptocaryon (Marine White Spot) and Oodinium (Marine Velvet) in a reef aquarium in conjunction with Parazoryne.

Marine Anti-Fluke & Wormer


AquaCare's Marine Anti-Fluke & Wormer is an easy to use liquid flubendazole effective for treating skin and gill flukes, internal and eye worms, controlling parasites in fish-only marine aquariums.

Marine Anti-Parasite


AquaCare's Marine Anti-Parasite treats Cryptocaryon, Oodinium and other protozoan parasites in fish-only marine aquariums. This product contains copper and cannot be used in a reef aquarium or where shrimps, crabs, sharks, rays and other invertebrates are present.

Marine Parazoryne


AquaCare's Marine Parazoryne is a herbal support for recovery from parasitic infections in marine fish such as Oodinium (Marine Velvet) and Cryptocaryon (Marine White Spot).

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