Clownfish are, perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most popular marine species available here at Maidenhead Aquatics, with many different variations to match their engaging personalities, it’s no wonder that they’re a firm favourite. We’re always on the lookout for something a bit special and that’s why we’re proud to announce that a limited number of stunning new “Black Storm” Clownfish have made their way to the UK are now available in the following stores: 

Please enquire at your most local store for further information and pricing information for these stunning fish.

The Black Storm Clownfish, formerly codenamed the “Super Davinci”, and briefly nicknamed the “Juggalo“, finally has an official name after more than three years of development. 100% captive-bred, these exquisite and very bold Amphiprions have a black colour and super broad white barring that covers most of the face in an original way.

“The fish was created by a one-in-a-million mutation that was spotted by our hatchery manager, who knew something exciting had happened when he pulled the first very different-looking fish out of a group of growing juveniles” said marine breeder Soren Hansen of Sea & Reef Aquaculture in the USA. “No two fish are alike. In the Black Storms, the white colour extends deep into the face in a way that has not been observed in Ocellaris Clownfish before.”

To add to the excitement, another variety of Clownfish, the "Mocha Storm" are also now in the following two stores: St Albans and Windsor. This is the first of this variety to come to the UK, after only just launching in the USA last week!

Demand is already high and supply is of course limited, so contact your local store today to express your interest and snap up a storm!