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Completed in May 2005, this flagship store is Maidenhead Aquatics' largest. With a little less than thirty thousand square feet of retail space there really is something for everyone!

There is an impressive range of tanks and cabinets with over sixty on show, nearly all of which can be supplied straight from stock. Everything else that you could possibly need for your tank is stocked including one hundred and fifty feet of shelving containing aquarium decor. 

The fish room is probably one of the largest in the country and at three thousand square feet it is as large as some entire aquatic stores. The room is dominated by a 8000 litre reef display aquarium:
There is in excess of fifty thousand liters of water in four hundred and fifty aquariums, on eleven, independently filtered systems. This allows for a dedicated system for Discus and Stingrays, a system for wild South American fish such as Corydoras and L-number catfish, and a system for those slightly more delicate dwarf cichlids, Killifish and Cardinals (which are predominantly European tank bred.) There is one system for African cichlids and three for the more usual community fish. There are two marine systems, one for fish and one for invertebrates with both boasting an amazing display of marine life. Whether you want the rare and unusual, or the more run of the mill species, they are stocked. If you would like to check our current livestock availability, you can do so by visiting and click on Maidenhead Aquatics @ St Albans.
The site is called the Water Garden centre and is aimed at extending Maidenhead Aquatics' established reputation for quality livestock into the water gardening side of the hobby. There is an unrivalled selection of DIY and self contained water features, and everything from the unique beauty of the natural, stone monoliths, to the splendor of a classical, three tier fountain or humourous 'spitter' fountains. If you want inspiration there is nearly one hundred feet of working displays of waterfalls, fountains and water features, a huge selection of preformed ponds in every shape and size, and an amazing variety of preformed waterfalls. There is over three hundred feet of plant displays containing an outstanding selection of water lilies, marginal and moisture loving plants.  In short whatever you need we will probably have it!! 

We have a great selection of pond fish and Koi housed in both indoor and outdoor ponds, totalling over 70,000 litres including a 34,000 litre indoor show pond. You can even purchase food to feed the Koi! 

On site are other companies that provide a vast selection of rocks and aggregates, fencing and turf for all your hard landscaping requirements. 
You can also make a fun day out of a visit to the St Albans store, with our new coffee shop and FREE children's soft play area.

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