The latest organism to be added to the EU’s Invasive Alien Species Regulations is the popular Water Hyacinth (Eichornia Crassipes). This plant, which is loved by Britons, is facing extermination from the European Union, where it will become illegal to grow or sell the plant throughout the group.

Spain and Portugal are two of the countries who have pushed for the ban of this pond plant; as the warmer climates that these nations enjoy encourage the plant to grow rapidly, negatively affecting the boating, water sport and irrigation industries. However in Britain, the Water Hyacinth has proven itself to be a successful way to protect garden ponds from predators, prevent algae and provide shade during the summer months before succumbing to Autumn temperature drops. Clearly, the withdrawal of the Water Hyacinth will be a disappointing loss for many water gardeners in Britain.

The European Union-wide ban is to begin on Wednesday 3rd August, however The Ornamental Aquatic Trades Association (OATA) who represent the ornamental fish trade in the UK, are keen to discuss future rejections of the plant in Britain, foreseeing Britain’s exit from the union.