Following the success of Fishkeeper Fry 2018, we have developed an exciting new 8-week, video 'how-to' series, especially for the First Time Tropical Freshwater Fishkeeper.

This short video-led course has been designed and produced by a team of expert fishkeepers to educate any new fishkeeper. Through a series of 8 videos we will teach you how to setup and maintain your new aquarium.

You can watch all the videos again here and refresh your memory on what you learnt!

Episode One

An introduction to setting up your own aquarium.

Topics included are: Information various aquarium sizes, suitable water temperatures and water types for different fish and finding the best aquarium for you.

Episode Two

This week we explained how to plant and fill an aquarium successfully.

Topics included are: ensuring plants thrive in your aquarium, benefits of a planted aquarium, how to use your heater efficiently, and explaining 'new tank syndrome,' and fishless cycling.


Episode Three

Then we learnt about the potential hidden dangers even in crystal clear water. Topics included are: the effects of Ammonia and Nitrite on water quality, how to read a test kit and how to check water quality to identify any unseen or potential issues.

Episode Four

The fourth video explained how to successfully introduce new fish to your aquarium and understanding algae. Topics included are: appropriate travelling time when purchasing fish, how turning off lights can reduce stress and how much food to supply when feeding. The fish featured this week are Danios.

Episode Five

The next video explained how to understand 'old tank syndrome’ and water changes. Topics included are: how carry out water changes and how often it should be done. The fish featured this week are Platies.

Episode Six

Video six explained how to test water in order to identify any problems. Topics include remedies for bloating fish and other treatments for potential issues such as white spot. The fish featured this week are Catfish.

Episode Seven

The follow video detailed the importance of beneficial bacteria in your filter and how to avoid over-stocking, as this can contribute to issues with your aquarium. The fish featured this week are Neon Tetras.

Episode Eight

The week explained how to holiday proof your aquarium when you go away, also advising on how to deal with problems such as power cuts. The fish featured this week are Gourami's.

We hope you enjoyed our First Time Fishkeeper Programme, if you have any further questions, we recommend visiting your local Maidenhead Aquatic store to speak to one of our friendly team members, they will be happy to assist you with all your fishkeeping needs.

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