Episode 7 of the latest “Love Your Garden” series aired on the 22nd October 2019 on ITV1 and this week Alan and his team of horticultural helpers went to South Wales to tackle the most difficult plot the team has ever faced for father-of-three Chris Garlick who has lost his hands and feet to sepsis. Once again Maidenhead Aquatics was proud to have been able to contribute to this amazing project and help to create such a life-transforming space out of what was previously an overgrown dumping ground.

Take a look at the finished results of this beautiful accessible garden that now provides a place where the family can be together and good memories can be made.

Love your Garden Newport

 With help from the local rugby team to clear the site, Alan’s team created a beautiful dining and social zone that included a cleverly designed water feature to drown out the traffic noise, surrounded by natural planting and accessible pathways. They also incorporated a wellbeing hut for Chris to take time out in and a fantastic adventure area for the children to create memories in.

Love your Garden Oct 22 Water Feature

Love your Garden Wellness Hut Newport

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