Each month we showcase an aquarium from one of our 160 stores across the UK to excite and inspire you with your own aquarium designs. This month, we have chosen this beautiful aquarium from our Fishkeeper Perth

Dashing Discus Aquarium (no longer available)

Originally our Perth store had their main 2m display aquarium set up as a stunning discus and community fish aquarium. The bright white LEDs against the vibrant discus is always eyecatching and the aquarium had been finished off with a simple aquascape using real plants driftwood and a selection of rocks. Since filming this video, the store has changed the aquarium.

The team at Perth have opted for a similar approach when redesigning this custom-built aquarium. The simple aquascape remains, the use of live plants, rocks and driftwood has created a wonderful environment of its inhabitants. Interestingly the store has opted to use both live and artificial aquarium plants, a great idea for large aquariums as you get the best of both worlds. Using a combination you get to see some growth and change in scenery but you also have a constant, ideal for when you cut back the live plants. The update has seen the store remove the discus and select a range of community fish. Discus tend to be slower moving fish by changing to cichlids and livebearers among others there is more lively feel to the aquarium which is very appealing. They have let us know a few bits about how they keep the aquarium looking in top condition. The lights are only on between the hours of 9 and 6, limiting the hours of light helps slow algae growth. At least once a week the staff will carry out a 25% water change not only does this benefit the water quality and help reduce ammonia it also keeps the water looking super clear. The aquarium uses a sump filtering system with a 55w UV steriliser found in the sump the filter pads are cleaned fortnightly.

A breakdown of the products used

  • Filter - large sump with return pump going through a 55w uv
  • Heater - 2 x 300w lcd heaters
  • Tank - 210cm x 45cm x 50cm
  • Cabinet - shop fitted to match systems
  • Livestock - An array of barbs and catfish and geophagus cichlids
  • Lighting - led strips x 4
  • Décor - river sand ,drift wood and dragon rock
  • Plants - a mix of live and artificial