High summer is here and in many gardens the pond is the most verdant part. That’s what makes them such a great place to sit and enjoy a cold drink but this has to be earned by keeping on top of the usual seasonal tasks.


  • Spawning can be a damaging experience for female goldfish – make sure you have a treatment to hand to combat any secondary fungal or bacterial infections
  • Consider using a pond vacuum to remove dirt and debris that can block filters and cause extra work. Remember that filters work best when they’re free from heavy muck but not too clean
  • At high temperatures, fish are growing and building themselves up for what’s to come. Make sure they get plenty of good food while things are warm
  • Keep a careful eye on well-planted ponds for oxygen shortages in the morning. Too much in the way of ‘oxygenating plants’ can lead to lethally low levels during the hours of darkness. If in doubt, add a fountain pump to move the water’s surface.
  • Keep adding pond plants to ensure a long season of interest. Some of the later-flowering types are well worth their place for a boost of colour as their companions start to decline.


  • Treat your fish to some live food – there’s some to suit all tastes and sizes to give all species a taste of the wild
  • Less animate insect protein can be found in the new Bug Bites range, try it and see what your fishes think of this superbly sustainable source of protein
  • With the holidays approaching, think of ways to automate your aquarium. Plug-in timers for lighting, automatic feeders and well-trained friends and family familiar with test kits can make life much easier during a break