There are a huge variety of frozen foods available, many of which are high in protein and make an excellent dietary supplement. These foods closely replicate the natural diet of your fish and are ideal for finicky feeders, those that are tricky to get feeding in the first instance, and for bringing your fish into breeding condition. The majority are available as convenient small-sized frozen cubes, and several types are also available in large frozen slabs. Gamma irradiation during the production process ensures these foods do not pose a disease threat to the aquarium. Tiny fish and fry will enjoy minuscule foods such as baby brineshrimp (Artemia nauplii) and cyclops, whilst most small-medium sized fish will devour bloodworm, white mosquito larvae, vitamin-enriched brineshrimp, and Mysis shrimp. Krill, shrimp, cockles, mussels, and lancefish are suitable for larger carnivores, with special formulas also available for cichlids and herbivores. Please remember that foods which contain a higher amount of protein will result in a higher amount of nitrogenous waste; therefore, it is recommended that for most fish, frozen foods are offered only 2-3 times per week as a supplemental treat.

A handful of similar foods are available in a freeze dried form, and these are kept on a shelf rather than in the freezer. Unfortunately, whilst still very nutritious, they seem to be a little less appealing to fish compared to frozen foods. Many freeze dried foods tend to float, which is great for surface-dwelling species, but it might all be eaten before it reaches fish that inhabit the lower levels. 

Tetra Fresh Delica is a unique gel-based food consisting of either bloodworm, daphnia, or brineshrimp preserved in a nutrient rich jelly. They come in small sealed sachets for convenient fuss-free feeding, and there is no need to keep these foods in a fridge or freezer. Like frozen foods, they can be given as a treat to small fish 2-3 times per week.

NEW FROM TETRA FOR 2018 - Maidenhead Aquatics exclusive!

Please click here for a look at the new range of foods from Tetra, exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics. All foods contain the unique BioActive formula, which incorporates a balanced mixture of Omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins for the best health and vitality. The advanced clearwater technology ensures a cleaner feed compared to regular foods, with less waste left in the aquarium and in the container itself.