Live foods are not as popular as they once were. For many, this is perhaps a decision based on ethics, coupled with the progressive availability of a whole host of nutritionally superior dried and frozen foods (which pose no disease introduction risk). There are very few fish that cannot be weaned onto prepared foods, and aside from the ethics and disease risk, the nutritional value of feeder fish is actually negligible compared to that of dried foods.

However, despite the advances in commercially prepared fish foods, some folks still like to culture their own small natural live foods such as daphnia and microworms for their community aquaria or for breeding projects. If you don't wish to culture your own, a number of retailers sell live bags of daphnia, bloodworm, or brineshrimp. These tend to only last a few days, even when refrigerated, so should be fed as soon after purchase as possible. Some of these small live critters may go on to live for some time in heavily planted aquaria before the fish discover them. River shrimp is often the food of choice for predatory fish that refuse dried/frozen foods, and is regularly cultured in large outdoor ponds. Lastly, live tubifex is best avoided as it is cultured in polluted mud, is often full of parasites, and subsequently thought to be responsible for many fish health issues. If you wish to feed tubifex to your fish, always opt for frozen which will have been gamma irradiated and safe to use.

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