Aquamanta Nano 60 LED Aquarium


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Aquamanta Nano 60 LED Aquarium
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The Aquamanta Nano 60 is a stylish desktop aquarium set is a great starter fish tank for those looking to keep coldwater or tropical fish. There is also plenty of space in the rear to place a heater if you do fancy keeping tropical fish. The aquarium has a simple and traditional design to it, perfect for making an attractive nano tank for shrimps and/or small community fish. The clear glass panes and no hood allows for maximum viewing pleasure.

Key Features:

Stylish LED Lamp
Included with this aquarium is a stylish bright LED light with white daylight and blue moonlights, the benefit of this light is it can be easily adjusted with the flexible overlooking arm. The LED has been chosen as not only gives great coverage of the aquarium ensuring there are no dark areas but it also will help stimulate plant growth. A 3 way switch enables all on, all off or blue lights only for night time viewing.

Equipment Housed in Built In Back Compartment
The tank includes a disguised built-in filter system located in a sperate compartment at the back of tank meaning no awkward internal filter or piping distracting the overall view of your aquarium. All the filter media, aquarium heater and the circulation pump can all be housed in the A small energy-efficient pump ensures top quality water output.

Efficient 3 stage Filtration
The built in filtration system includes AquaManta activated carbon, Phos Nitra nitrate-reducing media as well as twin biological foams. These are removed by the built-in lifting device. Having two foams means one at a time can be replaced and thus ensuring the biological effectiveness of the filter is maintained. The PhosNitra aids in the reduction of nitrate levels and the ultracarbon removed unwanted chemicals and smells. 

Technical Specification:

Nano 35 Nano 60 Nano 80
Aquarium Volume 40 L 90 L 120 L
Aquarium Dimensions (L x W x H) 35 x 35 x 35 cm 60 x 40 x 40 cm 80 x 40 x 40 cm
Product Highlights
  • Includes built in filter and LED lighting
  • Volume: 90 litres
  • Perfect Starter Nano Aquarium 
  • Modern contemporary design
  • Proven built in filter system with space to accommodate heater 
  • Stylish overhanging LED 'banana lamp' 
  • Clear glass panes and no hood allows for maximum viewing pleasure
  • Also available in 35 and 80
  • This product comes with a 2-year warranty, excludes cracked glass

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