Now that leaves are starting to fall, it's important to take preventative measures early to protect your pond.

With lower pond temperatures after the heat of the summer, Autumn is the perfect time to have a clean-up and provide a little TLC for your pond fish in preparation for the colder months of winter without causing unnecessary stress for your fish.

Pond Maintenance

Keep the number of falling leaves and debris in ponds to a minimum in order to keep water quality levels high. Take a look at our range of surface skimmers to help keep the fallen leaves away from your pond and vacuums that will help remove those that do make it into the pond before they have a chance to decay.

AquaPond Care

Autumn pond treatments can make a big difference when spring arrives again and dormant parasites and pathogens re-emerge to attack you pond fish. They can also help address common problems such as sludge and algae which your pond may be subject to during the colder Autumn months. Our exclusive range of pond treatments have been designed to address all your common pond worries. Be sure to check your water temperature before using these treatments as they can become ineffective should water temperatures drop below 10 degrees.

Pond Testing

No less true during the cooler months than any other time of the year, the secret to keeping your pond fish happy and healthy whatever the weather is regular water testing. Any problems can then be addressed quickly and at source before your fish are affected. We offer a range of test kits so that there really is no excuse for not testing your pond water quality values regularly.