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  1. Pond test kits, test tubes included.
    NT Labs PondLab 200 Test Kit
  2. NT Labs, test kits in box. 120 test avaliable.
    NT Labs Water Mini Test Kit
  3. NT Labs Aquarium Filter Start water treatment
    NT Labs Aquarium Filter Start
    From £5.99
  4. aquarium treatment, algae gone, Nt Labs
    NT Labs Aquarium Algae Gone
    From £5.99
  5. NT Labs Acriflavin
    NT Labs Acriflavin
    From £11.99
  6. NT Labs Formaldehyde
    NT Labs Formaldehyde
    From £11.99
  7. NT Labs, treatment, Malachite
    NT Labs Malachite
    From £11.99
  8. NT Labs FMG Mixture
    NT Labs FMG Mixture
  9. NT Labs Permanganate Dip
    NT Labs Permanganate Dip
    From £11.99
  10. Bottle of NT Labs Koi Calm- Flukasol
    NT Labs Flukasol
  11. NT Labs Chloramine T
    NT Labs Chloramine T
    From £9.99
  12. NT Labs Chlor-Go
    NT Labs Chlor-Go
    From £11.99
  13. packet of Koi Calm NT Labs Treatment.
    NT Labs Koi Calm 10ml
  14. NT Labs, Ulcer swab treatment.
    NT Labs Ulcer Swab 125ml
  15. NT Labs, Treatment Paramedic kit.
    NT Labs Paramedic Kit
  16. A sachet of NT Labs KoiCare Mediclay treatment.
    NT Labs Mediclay 1.5kg
  17. A packet of NT Labs Buffer up treatment.
    NT Labs KH Buffer Up 1.5kg
    Out of Stock Online
  18. A sachet of Koi Care mineral up.
    NT Labs GH Minerals Up 1.5kg
  19. medikoi, pond treatment, fish food, pond food
    NT Labs Medikoi Health Junior 3mm
    From £13.99
  20. NT Labs Medikoi Health Food 6mm Pond Fish Food
    NT Labs Medikoi Health Food 6mm
    From £27.99
  21. NT Labs Medikoi Probiotic Food 6mm Pond Fish Food
    NT Labs Medikoi Probiotic Food 6mm
    From £36.99

Treatments and foods from NT Labs are of high quality and are available for both ponds and aquariums. For ponds, NT Labs has their koi care range which has been a long-standing brand for koi keepers in the UK. Indoors, the aquarium parasite treatment was recently voted 'Consumer Favourite' in the treatment category by Practical Fishkeeping Magazine.