Tetra fish food and treatments are known across the globe and is the brand most people would associate first with fish. Their foods are all high quality and made to suit virtually every fish that can be kept in a pond or aquarium. They also have a huge range of treatments and water test kits to make sure that your aquatic pets stay nice and healthy.

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  1. tetra colour, food, crisps
    Tetra Colour Tropical Crisps
    From £5.49
  2. Tetra Pond AlgoFin
    Tetra Pond AlgoFin
    From £9.99
  3. Pond Water balance.  tube.
    Tetra Pond WaterBalance
  4.  bag of tetra pond holiday food.
    Tetra Pond Holiday
  5. box of tetra hardness test strips
    Tetra Test KH
  6. TetraMin Baby (30g)
    TetraMin Baby (30g)
  7. Tetra Cichlid Pro (115g)
    Tetra Cichlid Pro (115g)
  8. Tetra Goldfish Sticks (93g)
    Tetra Goldfish Sticks (93g)
  9. TetraPro Menu (64g)
    TetraPro Menu (64g)
  10. Tetra Plecomin Tablets
    Tetra Plecomin Tablets
  11. Tetra Pond AlgoRem
    Tetra Pond AlgoRem
    From £9.99
  12. box of tetra oxygen tests.
    Tetra Test O2
  13. box of tara text kits. 6in1.
    Tetra Test 6 in 1
  14. Tetra FilterActive
    Tetra FilterActive
    From £6.49
  15. Tetra Pond Flakes
    Tetra Pond Flakes
    From £6.99
  16. pond sticks, tetra
    Tetra Pond Sticks
    From £4.49
  17. algae, cichlid food.
    Tetra Cichlid Algae (165g)
  18. Tetra Marine Flakes (52g)
    Tetra Marine Flakes (52g)
  19. pleco food in the pouch with spirulina wafer high quality yellow
    Tetra Wafer Mix (68g)
    Out of Stock Online
  20. Tetra Pond Multi Mix
    Tetra Pond Multi Mix
    From £6.99
  21. Tetra EasyBalance
    Tetra EasyBalance
    From £5.49
  22. Pot of Tetra pond sticks
    Tetra Pond Sticks 5 Litre Tub
    Out of Stock Online
  23. Special offer
    Tetra pro flakes
    TetraPro Tropical Crisps (32g)
    £3.84 £5.49
    Out of Stock Online
  24. Pond test strips. In box, 30 strips.
    Tetra Pond Test 6 in 1
  25. Tub of shrimp mix of pond fish.
    Tetra Pond Shrimp Mix
  26. Tetra, water treatment, aquarium, water
    Tetra CrystalWater
    From £6.99