Tetra fish food and treatments are known across the globe and is the brand most people would associate first with fish. Their foods are all high quality and made to suit virtually every fish that can be kept in a pond or aquarium. They also have a huge range of treatments and water test kits to make sure that your aquatic pets stay nice and healthy.

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  1. pond water, tetra, water treatment
    Tetra Pond CrystalWater
    From £9.99
  2. Tetra Pond Aqua Safe
    Tetra Pond Aqua Safe
    From £9.99
  3. Pond Water balance.  tube.
    Tetra Pond WaterBalance
  4. Tetra Pond AlgoFin
    Tetra Pond AlgoFin
    From £9.99
  5. Tetra Pond AlgoRem
    Tetra Pond AlgoRem
    From £9.99
  6. Tetra Pond MediFin
    Tetra Pond MediFin
    From £9.99
  7. Tetra Pro Menu 250ml
    Tetra Pro Menu 250ml
  8. Tetra Marine Flakes 250ml
    Tetra Marine Flakes 250ml
  9. Tetra Goldfish Sticks 250ml
    Tetra Goldfish Sticks 250ml
  10. Tetra Discus Granules 300g
    Tetra Discus Granules 300g
  11. betta food, flake food
    Tetra Betta Food 100ml
  12. pond sticks, tetra
    Tetra Pond Sticks
    From £4.49
  13. Tetra Pond Goldfish Mix
    Tetra Pond Goldfish Mix
    From £8.49
  14. Tetra Pond Koi Sticks
    Tetra Pond Koi Sticks
    From £5.99