Fluval Flex 123 Litre LED Marine Aquarium & Cabinet Set


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Fluval Flex 123 Litre LED Marine Aquarium & Cabinet Set
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  • Includes built in Filter and LED lighting
  • Volume: 123 litres
  • Intended for Marine use, a Freshwater version is also available
  • Super bright 25000K white LEDs with an adjustable light spectrum completely controlled by the Fluval Smart App
  • Bold curved front design
  • Powerful 3-stage filtration for superior water quality
  • Multi-directional dual outputs for customized water flow
  • Available in Black & White
  • This product comes with a 2-year warranty, excludes cracked glass and the cabinet.

The Fluval Flex 123 Litre aquarium makes an exciting addition to Fluval’s bold curved aquarium series. It comes fully equipped with Bluetooth operated Aquasky LED that offers total control over brilliant custom colours, multiple dynamic effects and a programmable 24-hr light timer. In addition, this all-new Flex includes a built-in filtration system with 2 independent multi-stage chambers for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Key Features:

Brilliant Controllable Illumination
The Fluval Flex Marine comes with an even more powerful light thank its Freshwater cousin. The super bright 25000K white LEDs with tri-coloured RGB offer an adjustable light spectrum perfect for coral growth. The FluvalSmart app gives a 24-hour customisable lighting schedule provides endless colour blends to enhance fish colouration, all from your phone. The app also allows multiple weather effects from the world’s great natural fish habitats from stormy lighting to dense cloud cover

Multi-Stage Filtration
The Flex features a separate rear compartment camouflaged by a honeycomb print to house its multi-stage filtration for optimal water clarity. The 3 stage system contains oversized mechanical (foam block), chemical (carbon) and biological (Biomax) filtration. Filter media (2 of each) is all included. 

Convenient Features
The Flex comes compact with several great features including its easy feed large cut out opening for simple feeding. Its twin multi-directional dual output nozzles mean the tank water flow can be adjusted to depending on your tank setup. The rear filtration compartment also provides ample space for a heater.

*Please note that the aquarium cabinet is a colour effect veneer finish and not the natural product.

Flex 123 Freshwater Flex 123 Marine
Aquarium Volume 123 L 123 L
Aquarium Dimensions (L x W x H) 82 x 39 x 40 cm 82 x 39 x 40 cm
Overall Dimenions (L x W x H) 82 x 39 x 114.5 cm 82 x 39 x 114.5 cm
Filter Flow Rate L/H 770 L/H 810 L/H
Heater N/A N/A
Lighting W 21 W 42 W
Lighting Lumens
1450 lm 1800 lm
Lighting Colour Temp
3000 - 7500 K 3000 - 25000 K