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Whether you are just starting out on your fishkeeping journey, or have been keeping fish for as long as you can remember, you are sure to find something here that will help you evolve your passion; whether that be to solve a fishkeeping problem, answer a burning question about your fish or just reassure you that what you doing to care for your fish is just the right thing. Happy browsing!

Freshwater Fish
Quick facts and care, feeding and breeding advice for freshwater fish from Anabantids to Rainbow Fish.
Marine Fish
Quick facts and care, feeding and breeding advice for marine fish from Anenomes to Wrasses.
Pond and Aquarium Plants
Quick facts and advice about a wide variety of aquatic plants to help you make the right choice for your aquatic environment.
Useful Information for Fishkeepers
Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a question about any aspect of fishkeeping you want answered quickly, one of our customers may already have asked it.
Fishkeeper Films
Get inspiration for your aquarium and pond from our ever-growing library of videos showcasing fish species in action, established aquarium set-ups and product information to help you get the most out of the hobby.
Seasonal Tips
Check out our top tips, month-by-month, for indoor and outdoor fishkeeping so that you can be sure that your fishes are always recieving the very best care you can give them all year round.
The Fish Glossary
If you are in doubt about any of the fishy terms used in fishkeeping in general or on the website specifically, this useful A-Z reference should help shed some light on their meaning.
First Time Fishkeeper
This short video-led course has been designed and produced by a team of expert fishkeepers to educate any new fishkeeper.
Fishkeeper Fry
This fintastic short video-led course has been designed and produced in line with core primary curriculum science themes by a team of expert fishkeepers and teachers to inspire and educate primary school children in the art and science of fish and fish keeping.
Product Manuals
Need to locate instructions for a product you bought a while ago or searching for more detailed information about something you are considering buying? Take a look at our collection of supplier information organised by brand in this handy reference section.