Now restrictions across the UK are easing, there has never been a better time to pop down to your local Maidenhead Aquatics store to take your fishkeeping to the next level.

You can find out contact details of your local store here: and with our new updated store page layouts, you can check out the livestock specialities available at a glance and keep abreast of new stock arrivals as they happen on the store Facebook page feed there.

So why should you love your local Maidenhead Aquatics fish shop?

1. Knowledge, experience and advice

We are owned and run by fishkeepers for fishkeepers and have been in the business for over 35 years, so it's fair to say that there is not much we don’t know about fishkeeping. Take a look at our story here:

Check out our Meet the Fishkeeper page to learn a bit more about some of our team members across the country.

On a daily basis, we are seeing customers with all sorts of requirements and challenges so you can be fairly sure if you have a problem to solve, we have probably come across it before and will be more than happy to help you to overcome it.

Not only that, but our teams actively love chatting with you about the hobby, and what you’re trying to achieve and can often offer suggestions to help you develop your specific tanks and set-ups as new products and innovations come onto the market that you may not otherwise be aware of.

Each of our locally owned stores has its own particular character and specialisms. The expert teams that run them are passionate hobbyists themselves who have chosen to turn their passion into a career.  Our staff immerse themselves daily in the latest products and innovations and are experts in looking after our vast range of livestock in line with the highest welfare standards in the industry. Our large number of 5* rated stores across the UK are a testament to this.

2. Range of livestock and dry goods

Shopping online is quick and easy, and perfect if you know exactly what you are after, and we are constantly working on our website to tailor it to the needs of our customers to make the experience as slick and enjoyable as possible.  

However, as a fishkeeper, there is no substitute for being able to enjoy the visual experience of our products and livestock in action, first hand: being able to enjoy the colour and movement of the fish in the tanks, watch the interaction of a specific fish with its tank members and look at how it feeds, being able to take in the effect of different types of lighting on a set-up and assess the noise levels of a range of potential filters, and so on. Nothing beats the joy of coming across something new in-store that you may not previously have considered with the ability to interrogate and ask questions of the team on hand about how this or that might work for you. A visit to the local fish store is always an opportunity to learn something new even for the most seasoned fishkeeper.

3. Support when you need it

Our store teams are always on hand to offer help and advice whether you are just browsing for a new piece of equipment or if things aren’t going quite to plan with your fish.

From advice and treatment recommendations for sick fish to support with moving or upgrading existing set-ups, unforeseen emergencies, and holiday care, it's worth speaking to the team about how they can help.

Not only that but we have developed a number of exclusive treatment and medication ranges based on our experience in the hobby, designed specifically to target the issues we know you are likely to face at some time or another in your hobby so you can be sure that whatever the problem you are experiencing, we can support you with tried and tested advice and product recommendations.   

Our store teams are also regularly in contact with the industry’s top manufacturers so that they are always on top of new product innovations in the market and have a fantastic understanding of an enormous range of brands and product lines.

4. Social experience and fun

Keen hobbyists are drawn to our stores to regularly check out new fish and chat with our teams and other customers about the hobby they love. The tanks at your local store are a feast for the eyes and offer the perfect opportunity to learn about new livestock species and share your thoughts, experiences and passion with other onlookers.

The store experience is also a great way of getting children interested in the hobby with a mass of different fish species to look at, showcasing fish of all shapes, sizes and demeanours and inspiring display tanks to enjoy -  not to mention the option of being able to feed the fish in some of our stores (please check local fish store pages for stores offering 'Feed the Fish'*).

5. Immediate gratification

Shopping at your local store means that you can see what you are looking for and experience it, buy it now and take it away to enjoy as soon as possible and after all this time in lockdown our patience levels are likely to be at an all-time low as many of us are keen to immerse ourselves in the hobby again.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out what’s new in-store and catch up with your local teams.

Please note we have put lots of measures in place to keep our staff and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic which you can read all about here:

We look forward to welcoming you into store soon.

*please note that this option won't be available during times of social distancing until restrictions are significantly lifted.