Fishkeeping is a fantastic hobby that can often last a lifetime. When starting with Fishkeeping sometimes less is more, and this is why the Fluval Flex is a great starter aquarium, making it ideal as the centrepiece of our Fishkeeper Fry programme. Not only does it allow you to learn the tricks of the trade, but it can allow you to have a wide array of choice of livestock to keep. 

With this display, our Weybridge colleagues aim to inspire all fishkeepers and prospective fishkeepers of what can be achieved, irrespective of whether you are new to the hobby or have years of fishkeeping experience. When being new to any hobby it can often be daunting, however, with helpful advice available via our website or from one of our stores, our experts will be able to help you with every step of fishkeeping.



For this starter set up, a Fluval Flex has been used as it acts as a great introduction to fishkeeping. One of the unique designs of the Fluval Flex is the separate rear compartment camouflaged by a honeycomb print to house its multi-stage filtration for optimal water clarity. Along with an easy feed large cut-out opening for simple feeding, multi-directional dual output nozzles mean the tank water flow can be adjusted to depending on your tank setup. A fully equipped kit provides hobbyists with all the necessary hardware needed to set up a thriving freshwater aquarium. Contemporary design allows for styling with its distinctive curved front. Fluval offers two different dimensions of the Fluval Flex 34L and 57L. Aquarium dimensions can be found below: 

Flex 57L

Height 41CM

Width 39CM

Depth 39CM

Flex 34L

Height 35CM

Width 33CM

Depth 33CM


Lighting comes included as standard with all Fluval Flex aquariums, with RGB LED lighting and 7500K LED lamps that support plant growth and enhances fish colours. Included with the full set up is a Flex pad remote control which conveniently controls a wide range of colours as well as fun special effects including faded cloud cover and lightning bolts, allowing you to customise your aquatic universe according to your mood!


A heater has been added to this tropical set up. A Marine 100W aquarium heater has been used. This heater can be used in aquariums up to 100 litres. This heater is fully submersible and holds a control dial and a bumper guard for fish safety, the temperature range offered on this item is 20-28°C. Tropical aquariums maintain a warm environment that operates between the range of 24-27°C. 

Filter and Maintenance

Filtration comes as standard with this Fluval Flex, a powerful 3-stage filtration for superior water quality. All Flex tanks feature a separate rear compartment camouflaged by a honeycomb print to house its multi-stage filtration for optimal water clarity with oversized mechanical (foam), chemical (carbon) and biological (Biomax) media included. The filter offers a flow rate of 500lph. 

Weekly 25% water changes are conducted with filter changes also being conducted once a week.


Sand is used as the base of this setup. A pier post, as well as rockery ornaments, are used to offer this tank some dimension. Java Fern has been used to improve the appearance as well as provide resting places for livestock. The use of decorations also acts to create an atmosphere to accommodate your fish to be more comfortable. 

If you have been inspired by our in-store display, why not head into a store to talk to our experts on what can be created for you and your family to enjoy? All items included in this tank are available in-store and online. Please be aware that when discussing this with our staff on how you can create a special tank for you, we may ask about any current livestock to ensure we recommend the best items for you and your fish. 

Have you created a tank that you think deserves to be shared with us? Enter it into our monthly gallery competition to be in with the chance to win prizes for your tank.