Tropical Aquarium Plant Pack- Basic


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Tropical Aquarium Plant Pack- Basic
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Tropical Aquarium Plant Pack- Basic

Tropical Aquarium Plant Pack- Basic

With aquascaping in mind, we've put together a superb mixture of 5 of the highest quality potted aquarium plants which have been carefully selected by our experienced team of plant experts in Holland.

These are not just your average aquarium plants. Super fresh, well rooted, strong and healthy - this box of plants will vary slightly from week-to-week, depending on availability, and therefore ensuring you have the absolute very best specimen of each named genera!

We guarantee you that you will not find better quality anywhere else.

This pack will contain 5 different aquarium plant genera: Alternanthera, Bacopa, Hygrophila, Lysimachia and Rotala:


Type Aquarium Position Max Height Temp Light Origin
ALTERNANTHERA  Middle 50 22-28 high South America
BACOPA  Middle 40 20-28 high North America
HYGROPHILA  Background 50 20-28 high Thailand
LYSIMACHIA  Middle 30 15-24 half North America
ROTALA  Middle 25 22-28 high South-East Asia

ALTERNANTHERA - A popular aquarium plant for its contrasting colour and broad leaves. Alternanthera is a vigorous and robust aquarium plant which tolerates strong water movement. Requires bright lighting.

BACOPA - An easy growing aquarium plant with strong leaves and stems. It boasts lush green leaves that will turn light brown towards the edges if given the ideal lighting conditions. The result is a plant that displays a beautiful contrast in colours.

HYGROPHILA - This is an ideal 'starter aquarium plant', being easy to care for and is fast growing. The leaves are fairly robust with a red and green colouration. If the plant grows too tall, the tops may be cut off and re-planted in the substrate to grow again.

LYSIMACHIA - The round leaves are characteristic of this plant, which can also be successfully grown in coldwater aquariums as well as tropical. The plant is easy to care for, grows quickly, and is, therefore, an ideal ‘starter aquarium plant’.

ROTALA - An easy growing stem-plant that is ideally suited for the middle zone. It is a very popular choice which is often seen in many aquariums.

Suggested planting quantities (if you are looking for a heavily planted aquarium, we would recommend opting for the upper number of packs):

  • 'Starter' Aquarium: 1 - 2 packs
  • 3ft Aquarium: 3 - 4 packs
  • 4ft Aquarium: 4 - 6 packs
  • 5ft Aquarium: 5 - 8 packs

The condition of your plant may vary by order date and from what you see in your local store. We aim to give you the largest and most luscious plant possible but this is dependant on the time of year and seasonal variation.

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