Tropical Aquarium Plant Pack - Deluxe


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Tropical Aquarium Plant Pack - Deluxe
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Tropical Aquarium Plant Pack - Deluxe

Tropical Aquarium Plant Pack - Deluxe

Any order containing live plants on their own or mixed with a combination of other items will be collectively delivered within 14 working days. Including live plants in an order does go against our next day shipping policy.

  • We guarantee you that you will not find better quality anywhere else.
  • Super fresh
  • Well rooted
  • Strong and healthy
  • The absolute very best specimen of each named genera!

The condition of your plant may vary by order date and from what you see in your local store. We aim to give you the largest and most luscious plant possible but this is dependant on the time of year and seasonal variation.

With an aquascape in mind, we've put together an amazing mixture of 5 deluxe quality potted aquarium plants that have been chosen by our experienced plant farm team in Holland.

These are definitely not your average plants. Super fresh, well-rooted, strong and in optimum health - this box of plants will contain the very best quality consisting of the 5 listed species below.

We guarantee that you will not find better quality elsewhere.

This pack will contain one of each of the following five species of deluxe aquarium plants:

  1. Alternanthera cardinalis: One of the few true red aquatic plants, popular for its contrasting colour in the aquarium and broad leaves. Cardinalis is vigorous and robust, being able to tolerate strong water movement. Requires bright lighting for best results.
  2. Cryptocoryne wendtii Brown: This is probably the most famous and utilised Cryptocoryne by aquarists. This species has beautiful shovel-shaped leaves and grows very easily. This wendtii is a great plant for any starter or community aquaria, but will also thrive in a Cichlid aquarium due to its robust nature.
  3. Eleocharis acicularis: An attractive, hardy foreground plant. Forms a mass of bright green, upright needle-like leaves. A slow growing plant that is easy to maintain and is often used in fish breeding aquaria.
  4. Hygrophila polysperma: An easily cultivated, fast-growing plant with green, lanceolate leaves. Being an ideal plant for beginners and experts alike, it is a must in every community aquarium. It requires frequent pruning to keep the best shape and growth strong.
  5. Anubias nana: A very hardy, slow-growing plant with a deep rich green colour. It can be easily attached and grown on wood, stone or aquarium ornaments, since the roots system must be kept above the substrate. It is quite an adaptable plant, being an ideal for Discus aquariums as well as paludariums.


Suggested planting quantities (if you are looking for a heavily planted aquarium, we would recommend opting for the upper number of packs):

  • 'Starter' Aquarium: 1 - 2 packs
  • 3ft Aquarium: 3 - 4 packs
  • 4ft Aquarium: 4 - 6 packs
  • 5ft Aquarium: 5 - 8 packs
Plant Aquarium Position Max Height Temp Light Origin
ALTERNANTHERA  Middle 50cm 22-28C High South America
ANUBIAS  Foreground 15cm 24-30C Half West Africa
CRYPTOCORYNE  Foreground 20cm 22-28C Half South-East Asia
HYGROPHILA  Background 50cm 20-28C High Thailand

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